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 Running 26.2 miles without shoes
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But unlike the rest of his fellow marathoners Sunday, he didn't wear shoes.

It's not the first time Byers shed his running shoes. He's run at least 55 in his bare feet.

Byers, 44, started running in 1986. Some years he only runs one marathon.

"Some years I've done up to 20," he says.

"It's 235 marathon finishes today."

Byers noticed the same thing other Frederick Marathon runners did this year.

"It was more hilly than last year. Of course, this year was a new course for Frederick Marathon," Byers says.

"The hills were very doable. They were just rolling enough that you got to use different muscles and you didn't get bored."

But Byers admits, "Twenty six point two miles is a long way to run."

Just the same, his next marathon will be June 1 in San Diego.

The day will be extra special. It'll be his and his twin sister Tina's 45th birthday.